5 reasons to bring your kids to Vacation Bible School, today!

1. There is no doubt God loves the Millennial Generation as well as the iY Generation. I'm personally driven and fully attractive to these two massive groups of people in our culture. I'm obvisouly bias towards both since Areli and I have been raising three of them-at home-for the last 17 years. The bottom line, Jesus deeply loves them.

2. As I witnessed the burial of a 75 year old brother in Christ last week and was introduced, the very next day, to one of his (one month old) great-grand-children; I couldn't help it but to think that life is stewardship and we all are accountable for it. Vacation Bible School this year will provide the opportunity to install in the life of our children, responsibility, accountability and the ability to choose to do the right thing in life.

3. Everyone is a natural born-taker. Vacation Bible School is the place where we have seen many children encounter Jesus, thus becoming natural born-givers. By the way, as an 18 year old marriage-veteran; I can testify that marrying a natural born-giver truly rocks!

4. Unavoidably, life is about relationships. Vacation Bible School, this year, will focus on the hometown of Nazareth, the place where Jesus learned to relate to others. Ultimately, relationships in life, especially at early age, will play a major part on our relationship with God in adulthood.

5. Through Vacation Bible School, your child will have an opportunity to experience the amazing power of the Gospel.

First Baptist Church - Monday thru Friday 6pm - 8:30pm

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